Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Rain!

So far anyway. More is forecast for later and for the next few days. Yesterday was only 14c (57f).

I was delighted to see my friend Trish yesterday. She popped in unannounced and I was available and pleased. Trish's husband, Fred, has Motor Neurone Disease and is really unwell now. Trish was out on respite. We chatted and Trish took photos of the dogs.

I did my usual swim today with no trouble. Yet when I went into town to get my hair cut and have a look in the gents outfitters, I found it hard to move legs. They don't hurt, my hips do, but the legs just feel heavy. (This blog is excellent for keeping a record of how things are.)

The puppies are eating but not as well as I would like. they are still expecting mum and being rather stubborn about it! Typical Lhasa Apso they are! They are 32 days old now.

I had to redo the front of my GC sweater. the yarn got messed up in the middle of it and could not be fixed so just have to reknit it. Of course this was not apparent until I had knit the whole front, shaping too, and took it off machine. Then the mess up bang in the centre stuck out like a sore thumb!
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