Saturday, July 05, 2008

Good Day at SWKA

Yesterday was fun. I enjoyed myself. Had lunch with the lovely Sarah. If I were into women in that way, I might well ask her to fly off with me somewhere.

My companion to and from the shows, Angie, did very well, winning both her classes. I did not have good day as regards the showing. Micah was last of 4 and Whitney went unplaced. That is the way dog showing goes.

It took 6 hours to get home. We got caught up for 2 of those in roadworks, going the way Angie suggested. I have turned over a new leaf and just didn't argue and nor did I lose it when we were stuck for so long but I almost had an exploding bladder! When I eventually got to pee, I didn't think it was going to stop. It hurt too!

We got to the bottom of why Angie argues with my GPS. She doesn't like modern technology and doesn't trust it. I explained that my GPS was top of the range (it is) and knew where she was going even if Angie thought she didn't. She ,btw, is Gertrude. Because I feel daft yelling at a machine, so I named it.

I slept for about 9 hours last night! Not without waking but still, that is a looooong time for me. Getting up at 8.15 seems positively decadent to me.

It is about 10 days till my next show and that one is only 20 miles away. So I have a break.

Oh and my attire, especially the shoes, went down well again. A woman told me of a place where I can buy brightly patterned walking sticks at Leeds Showground so guess where I shall visit when I go to Leeds Show?

Edit: went to do the shopping. I needed to do so in the wheelchair. Although I am not in pain especially, I have very limited mobility today. weird that. There seems to be little, if any, correlation between pain and mobility for me. I can be relatively pain free and yet hardly able to move and I can be very much in pain and yet able to move more freely. Of course, I do have days when both go together. To be honest, I find the pain much easier to deal with than the lack of mobility / fatigue. Pills help for the pain. Nothing at all helps with the lack of mobility and fatigue. Not even sleep or rest. Just have to wait for it to pass.
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