Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Worshiping Evil

This is a post about my thoughts on the type of Xtian fundamentalism ascribed to by Ali the Artist. However, it is not directed at her nor is it for her. There is no point to that. This will show where I am coming from, which may not be clear, whilst we all know where Ali and her ilk are coming from.

The more I think about the words written on her blog link (see previous post), the more astounded and saddened I become. These people are worshipping pure evil. Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc put together. They worship a being that has caused and will cause more suffering to more people than anyone ever has. And all because these people have chosen to disbelieve the Christ story(which is not original). Not for any sins they have committed, like murder or child abuse, but simply because they do not believe that someone else 'paid' their 'debt'. It means that otherwise good people, who have lived a life of caring for others are condemned to suffer for eternity in the mind of these so called Xtians. Their God is an evil twisted corruption. They have made God in THEIR image!

What does it say about such people that they can believe such evil ? Well, it can mean they are very afraid people. Maybe they lack intelligence. Or they have very low self esteem. Or they are wicked people. Or they are so hurt they have no trouble believing that a God will avenge those that have hurt them so.

Whatever, there must be something very amiss within them that they can accpet usch an evil is God!

Oh, and the one thing these people are not aware of: they say their faith is in God. it isn't. It's in themselves and their own ability to judge. They are convinced that their judgement that this version of reality is the only true one. Their faith is in themselves and nothing else. Such people are extremely dangerous, as can be seen in the world today, and we ought not to sit back and say it's harmless, let them believe what they want. Rubbish! they are doing what they can to force the rest of us to live according to their wants.

Just look at what is happening in the USA where the state and religion are supposed to separate and clearly are not. Teaching only Creationism in schools? I wonder if these idiots ever stop and think. As can be read on that blog link, clearly not! For instance, incest must surely be perfectly Xtian. After all we ALL descend directly from adam and eve and their two sons......I know that anyy non fundy Xtians will have seen the flaw in this one already.

These people do untold damage to children by indoctrinating them with this filth. It is the worst kind of child abuse because it corrupts the mind and spirit.

Why do I give the impression that this fundy stance pisses me off? Could it be the totally self centred attitude? Their not giving a toss about who their beliefs hurt as long as they can feel safe and saved? I'll tell you this for nothing their belief is not borne of a spiritual awakening but of a deep rooted self centredness created by fear. It is bogus, dishonest, self centred and evil.

And I don't for one second apologise for my forthrightness. One doesn't pussy foot around in the face of evil.

(Oh and to clear-it is the belief and their fear that is evil, not them. They can't be as they, like the rest of us, are a part of God and in essence good. The light of God is is in all of us, no matter how dim that light may seem.)
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