Saturday, July 19, 2008

Revealing Herself

Ali The Artist wrote:

Colin, you say:
"I am here to tell you that we are each loved, you and I, now and forever, without exception."

Does this also include "Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc put together", who you've already said are evil (and whose evil you say God surpasses)? Where's the justice in that?

I actually wrote:

These people are worshipping pure evil. Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc put together. They worship a being that has caused and will cause more suffering to more people than anyone ever has.

The acts of these people were evil, were they not? I accept I ought to have it clear that I meant the acts not the people. Just as I believe your ideas to be evil, not you.

Why? Because if people truly are evil, then god cannot dwell inside them and they cannot be changed. if people who commit evil can be changed so that they bring forth love, it only makes sense they were not evil in the first place. don't you recall: hate the sin not the sinner? Does that not apply across the board? Or only to those you deem worthy?

My answer is yes, it includes them, and you, and me. God's love is not conditional. Yours clearly is. It is counterfeit love. The more you write the more you reveal yourself to be as I suspected. You cannot seem to envisage a God of love because you cannot do without vengeance and what you call justice-which is no such thing but hatred dressed up.

If you have read with any comprehension at all, you will have noted that I wrote in one of the posts about how we are punished BY our sins, not for them. So you, me, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot etc cannot come to the peace that passeth all understanding without a great deal of suffering. The mere realisation of our wrong and the pain it caused others will cause immense suffering. We we will feel it. What can be more apt than that? Feeling what we made another feel?

But wait! Did you not say that Jesus paid all of our debts? That would include Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc. It is not within you to know whether or not they believed in that last second. So you must withhold your judgement for you may well find they are in heaven right next to you. Who are you to say they would not?

oh and your friend in spirit, Ray Comfort, is a liar: I quote:
The Bible proves itself to be the Word of God, not just because of its scientific, prophetic and historically accurate facts,
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