Monday, July 14, 2008

Successful Evening

I went to a new hall about 50 miles away last evening where I had been invited to speak and demonstrate. It went really well. I was surprised because I was not in the best of moods yesterday, felt really crabby.

I took the opportunity to have my dog friend see Lui and tell me what she thought. Like me she think she is a good dog. Trouble is he is weird. He is friendly with people and is not afraid. yet he refuses to show, goes rigid when you want to do anything with him, like groom or bath or just to get hold of him. Again he doesn't act fearful, just 'leave me alone' and 'I don't want to'. I have given up with the show training as he really doesn't like it. He is funny, he leaps into the air like a gambling goat when he is pleased to see you. He is all over any visitors-unless he thinks they are going to pick him up and then he backs off. Fairly normal that is. The dilemma for me is whether or not to breed with him. He could pass this trait on and you can bet it will be passed onto the best puppy in the litter!

I am having a day off today. No swimming. No arguing with myself about it. I decided yesterday that today would be my day off. I am tired and sore and just fancy a lazy day. So I am having one.

I have a championship show on Wednesday and have a show every week until the 11th. On the 17th we leave for Germany and will be back on the 25th.
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