Sunday, July 20, 2008

Respectful Reading

Pebs wrote:Dear Colin, in reply to "They worship a being that has caused and will cause more suffering to more people than anyone ever has." No they do not worship a being that has caused suffering. Because God does not create suffering and evil acts. Humans do. Whether they are insane in mind or not, it is them all the same.

I reply: Hi Pebs - I know that! Such a God doesn't exist but for the Fundy Xtians(and Muslims and others) he does. They are the ones who believe that God has a place of eternal torture for those who don't believe as they do. They call it Hell. When you consider the billions of people here now and who were here, by their fundy reckoning, the vast majority will be suffering eternal pain. So yes, they do worship a God that is worse than Hitler, Stalin, etc put together.

Oh and I have time and respect for Buddhism.

You know, I cannot keep repeating all of the posts written before when I write something, so rather than assume you are sure you know what I mean, it might be better to read previous posts. If people did this, they would not come to such erroneous conclusions about what I think.
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