Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Pope - WTF?

I saw a very long time ago that the Emperor Has No Clothes (substitute Pope for Emperor).When I was a child in fact. I still see the same thing only now I find it so hard to believe that millions have fallen for this codswallop. Are they blinded by the pomp and riches. They don't see a fallible man, but 'God's representative Here on Earth'! How tragic! How blasphemous! What crap! What evil this causes! And of course this is precisely why the RC Church indoctrinates it's children so. They know it produces befuddled adults who cannot believe other than what they were taught through fear of the consequences.

So why the Pope today? Well because this arrogant nincompoop has 'apologised' to Australian youth who were sexually abused by the RC priests. (No mention of the mental and spiritual abuse. Oh, sorry, that is what they are meant to do!) Now, the RC Church KNEW about this abuse for years and years and years and chose to protect it's priests and not it's children. Now, it is forced to apologise. Not because it saw the error of it's way but because it's wounded children made such a fuss, they had to. Had the victims not caused caused such a fuss, the RC Church would still be silent and still be protecting it's priests and never mind the children.

"Here I would like to pause to acknowledge the shame which we have all felt as a result of the sexual abuse of minors by some clergy and religious in this country. Indeed, I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that as their pastor I too share in their suffering."

How dare he? He has no idea what the suffering of a sexual abuse victim is ! How patronizing! How ignorant! He clearly has no idea at all of the suffering involved

Also HE HAS NO RIGHT AT ALL to apologise on behalf of the those priests who abused. NO! He ought to , and HAS NOT, apologise for the disgusting way the Church tried to hide these facts and protect it's priests at the immense cost of it's victims. For that he OUGHT to feel shame and for that he ought to apologise.

Funnily enough, fundy Xtians hate the RC Church and they consider the Pope to be an anti christ. Not for the harm the RC has done but because they have the temerity to have a different view point to them. If they disliked the RC church for it's obvious failings and it's unbiblical stance, they might be considered to have some integrity. But they don't have either integrity nor brain cells really.

After all, they believe that everything alive today descends from those that were saved in Noah's Ark! Now that was some boat! F***ing HUGE! Oh and of course they support incest. Must do as they also believe we all descend from Adam and Eve. Oh, and God chucked a wobbly and killed everybody, babies and children too, for they were of course evil, in a flood that covered the whole earth. Shit, he has such temper!

Strangely, we are told to be tolerant, to love our neighbour, to show mercy and compassion. To lessen our rpide, to be humble. All the qualities that indeed god DOES NOT HAVE!!!!! DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO! God of course can hate, can be angry and vengeful and jealous. We can't though because that makes us evil and deserving of everlasting hell fire. Doesn't God remind you of a rampant active alcoholic? Or a particularity trying two year old?

But of course, how silly, our going to Heaven has nothing at all to do with the sort of person we are,in our hearts, but what we believe. We can be as self centrered and wicked as we like as long as believe that jesus already paid for our sins. Yes, that is it folks, just believe that and you are saved. hallelujah! Go and sin more but believe and you are safe. No consequences will come your way. No sirree. You are safe. Remember folks, that is all that is required, the magic key. Belief. Nothing else.

It is so strange that those who preach that this is so, still pound on and on about sin and wickedness and spell out the ways in which they think we are sinful. Surely they are arguing against themselves? Surely they are missing the point? Should not all their energy be being put into getting people to believe that all their debts have already been paid for by Jesus and therefore we have nothing to worry about. Is not that their message? As shown in that blog link on Ali The Artist blog?
It matters not what we do, just what we believe. There is no qualification in that. It isn't dependent on behaviour and attitude and thought but purely on belief.
Or is it that they want it both ways? Yes, you ahave to believe but you also have to behave as they think you should? IE you also have to be perfect, sinless? Which is it? belief or sinlessness? Both? Oh what an intricate web they weave when first they decided to deceive!
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