Thursday, July 24, 2008

oh Bother

My rib cage spasms returned with a vengeance last night. Terrible night, trying to sleep in between bouts of pain. Of course the first thing I did was reach for the antacid liquid, which of course does no good. But I was asleep and not thinking clearly. When the stopped because I changed position, I twigged that it wasn't acid. I am back to waking up in order to move. Eventually I remembered to stuff pillows behind me so that I had them behind my head, my shoulders, my middle and hips. Then I got some sleep, on my back.

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to these spasms. It is apart of the spinal arthritis but not that common. I admit to finding this aspect of my problem more than challenging. Lack of sleep makes me worse. Waking up in the dark early hours, in bad pain it is very easy to let your mind conjure up the worst possible causes! Plus it just pisses me off that there is no real explanation for these spasms. Oh I know what is happening, just not sure why. There doesn't seem to be much I can do to prevent them although the pillows do help.

No swimming today. Duh! The puppies were not happy that I got up later than usual. They are used to me being there at 5.30am not gone 7am.

I am on the final sleeve of the Oxford grey raglan garter stitch patterned sweater. It is 50% merino, 25% cashmere and 25% silk. I have also started another pair of socks, using one of the Kaffe Fasset colourways from Regia. The swirly ones. I am doing these in plain st st as I think I want to see the swirly pattern clearly.

Tonight I am going to my usual Spiritualist meeting. I have not seen tonight's speakers in this capacity before and I am told they are good.

I have a dog show this Sunday in Leeds, another next Sunday in Epping, one the Wednesday 6th) in Paignton, Devon and then one on the 11th in Bournemouth. I miss the Welsh Kennel club and the Scottish Kennel Club shows because we will be in Germany.

Our weather has finally decided it will be summer after all. 28c (82.4f) yesterday and today seems likeit will be nice too.
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