Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Well Stuffed

I awoke my usual time, 5am, to get up and go to pool. This morning I awoke and couldn't get up. Well, I could, but not without a struggle. Manage to go pee and flop back into bed feeling like I have been hit by a lorry. So no swimming today. No nothing. I think I shall rest. If only I could predict my bad days! It would make it easier to organize. Have no idea at all why today is like this and not yesterday or the day before. It just goes that way. My lower half, mainly. And yes, I have drugged up. I am learning !

The puppies ate as soon as I gave them food this morning. Later, I let their mum in to feed them as she likes to do twice a day now. By the weekend, they ought to be eating well and frequently. i find my puppies are slow to wean. I don't force the issue. I take the lead from mum. She doesn't want to be with them much now so she isn't. However er, I know people who take mum away when the pups are 4 weeks old and that is that. I think that is cruel. If my mums are still letting their puppies suckle at 8 weeks, so be it. They are eating well by then so the suckling isn't much but comfort. I just leave mum and pups do what they want for as long as they want, though of course puppies start to leave for their new homes from 8 weeks.

My garter carriage is chugging along as I type. I am doing the garter stitch raglan I mentioned yesterday.

A little later I am popping over to an acquaintance to take her a pair of socks I have made for her to see if they are okay. She has the same disease as me but hers is very far advanced. It is shocking to see her and what has happened to her body. Anyway, like me she feels the cold. yet she cannot have tight fitting socks because it hurts too much so I have done a pair in wool and cotton that I hope meet the need.

You know, I was thinking maybe I would go swimming during the lunchtime slot. Now I am thinking that maybe I shall just knit and potter and bath dogs as it it is Lui's bath day and Nechung missed hers so...
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