Friday, July 11, 2008


A woman registrar took her employer to a tribunal for unfair treatment. She won her case. the council, Islington, are going to appeal the case.

I hope they win. I hope they sack her.

She has refused to marry gay couples. She hides behind her Xtiananity as the reason she refuses to marry gay people. (Gay people have been allowed to legally marry for almost 3 years now).

This woman is a bigot, pure and simple. She is also a coward and a hypocrite. Instead of admitting that she personally hates homosexuals sh hides behind her religion, She blames Jesus. Bollocks!!!
If this hatred of homosexuals was not in her heart she would reject any such teaching! She doesn't reject it because it is within her to hate a group of people. She of course will deny this and say it is her faith and she must follow it. Again Bollocks!!!

What angers me more is that this woman is black. Has she learned nothing from the bigotry she has suffered from? There are people who justify their hatred of blacks on religious grounds or just because of their belief system.

Why don't people get this? We all believe what we believe because it is within us to believe it, it fits in with our conscience. Her conscience is not different or better just because she claims to be a Xtian.

A Jew hater is such because of their belief system. Why don't we tolerate that? Because we know it is wrong. Yet we tolerate other bigots who justify their hate by claiming religious right. This woman sees her victory at the tribunal as a score for liberty of belief. If that is the case, then people ought to be free to not have anything to do with her based upon her skin colour. I am sure she will accept not getting hired or being sacked
or married because she is black . After all, it would be a matter of conscience would it not? The person bigoted toward her because of her colour has as much right to claim 'liberty of conscience' as she does.

It seems to me that in the eyes of the tribunal it is okay to hate gays. They have sanctioned it. They have given it their seal of approval. How much has really changed?

People who say they follow a God of love yet are so full of hatred make me want to puke. I don't like the feelings it engenders in me and I have to make a conscious effort to remember that they too are part of the Great Spirit and as such I can only pray that this evil is expunged from their soul.


Odd day. I was felt fine on the way to the pool. I had drugged up properly. I got in and started to swim and it was really an effort. Often it will be and by the time I have done 20 laps I have loosened up and feel fine and go on and do my usual 80 laps. Not today. I could barely swim at all. It was like swimming in treacle. I stopped at 40 laps but really wanted to stop much sooner. The loosening up didn't happen and by the time I did stop, I could just about get out of the pool.


Mum is now telling them to &*^& off when they try to suckle. they like being in the garden, their 3rd time this morning. They explored much further away from the house today. They ate well.
i have more less dismissed two of them as show prospects. The boy looks very promising. Then that leaves 3 girls that may be-or may not! This is a very even litter so Mum and dad were a good match. Time will tell which I will keep.
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