Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh B*llocks!!!!

I hate that this problem of mine makes me clumsy. I dropped, yet again, a glass jar full of stuff on the floor. Yes it smashed. I had to move stuff and carelessly moved the hand held blender and it was plugged in and I touched the start button whilst my fingers were near the blade......

Now I have a slice of finger missing, it won't stop bleeding and it would of course need to be my knitting finger.....

I have wrapped it up well and stuck it down. I can still knit without much bother. I need to change the dressing again though.

I have felt a bit low today. I met someone yesterday I used to know and be very fond of. They have become a poisonous drunk and it is awful to see what that dreadful disease can do to a person.

I had LOADS of comments, most positive, about my attire yesterday. Mainly about my shoes. I had no idea at all that wearing two different colour shoes would cause such a stir!! Honestly, I am sure if I had worn just a jock strap it would have got less attention.

I am just gobsmacked that doing something that to me was a minor piece of artistic license was considered such a big deal. I ma glad to say in a positive way by most.
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