Saturday, June 21, 2008


Blackpool was a good show. it was very windy but didn't rain. It was sunny but cold. And this on the 20th June. We still have no summer weather yet.

Micah was second in his class. He threw away his 1st place. It was down to him and another dog. The other dog was too close behind and Micah turned and hopped forward trying to get further away. So this of course blew his movement. I shall have to watch out for people doing this and stop myself and politely ask them to keep back.

Whitney was in a class of 17 and she didn't put a foot wrong. She won the class. she loves to show off. She wants to lick everyone, judge included. When she has had her turn, she always jumps at me as if to say 'wasn't I good?' Rather like Moon, Micahs' sister was when she was shown.

My different colour shoes, one red, one blue, went down well! It is amazing how many people notice feet!

I had to wait on three occasions for people to come out of the disabled loo. They were using it as a changing room.

It was 210 miles to the show. I arrived at 6.15am and got home at 7.30pm. I got sunburned on my face and neck. I was tired when I got back but otherwise alright although my walking was laboured when I got out of the car.

This morning though it was entirely different. I woke up at my normal time, 5.30 , and couldn't move so I went back to sleep and at 7.45am had to ask John to get up and deal with the dogs and get me my drugs. I could barley lift my head to take the damn things. I then just laid there and dozed whilst waiting for them to take effect. Almost 2 hrs later I managed to get up but had to take Tramadol on top of the Solpadol I had already taken. (It's safe). So now I am once again capable.

And some people think I am not disabled! Actually including me at times. Especially when I am having a good period. I think it was the wind and cold yesterday. Maybe not. I never know. I can have days like today when I have done nothing.

Thankfully it is Saturday and John is here otherwise it would have been very much more difficult. I have been known to fling myself out of bed and get downstairs on all fours. I am not at all sure I could have done that today.

I am fortunate . I am not like this every day. I have bad periods and better periods. One of my fellow exhibitors has had a knee replacement and she she has other joints in bad way and she is bad all the time I gather.

Just so long as I can continue to show my dogs. I can't find the words to explain why, but this has been my passion since I was 12 years old. I have never lost it. I adore this breed and knew I did the second I laid eyes on one. It was a picture of a dark grey shaggy puppy,about 7mths old, on the cover of Australian Dog. I knew instantly that was the breed for me and I couldn't even pronounce it's breed name at the time. Now at almost 50, I still feel the same way.

Windsor show is my next show, on Sunday next week, and it was at this show, 2 years ago, that I was finally able to start doing what I have longed to do for so many years: show my dogs.

My dogs are almost always in the cards, no mean feat in this competitive breed. I am enjoying it and as long as my body lets me, I shall continue to do so.
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