Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dull and Wet

The weather, not me.

I did my 80 laps this morning. Afterwards, I felt surprisingly good. By the time I got home, I thought to myself that i felt barely any pain. None in fact, just a little discomfort. This has happened before and it is a weird feeling. By 1pm I was feeling rough and had my nap and now I feel like I usually do. I was really wanting a pot of Haagen Daz too but that passed.

We have set up the whelping bed and pen for Shameless. She is due Wednesday after next, but my bitches usually whelp 3-5 days early.It always amazes me how dogs instinctively know what is going on. she is now ensconced in the pen and is happy. She has been a real pain this last few days. Not eating, bad tempered. today she really have Millie a beating. Millie came running in and John picked her up and fussed her. Millie milked it for all it was worth and laid her head on his chest and started up into his face. you could almost see a single tear drop fall. Pathetic. Mind you, she wouldn't go through the door into the garden when she knew Shameless was out there.

We are still clearing stuff out. It takes time. it isn't as easy as I thought it would be either. I really do want to de clutter and get rid of all this stuff. I find it hard though. I just got rid of a load of sweaters i have made. Some by hand and others on the machines. They were the hardest to part with as they were 20 plus years old and in good condition but really I didn't care for them now and besides they are not up to my standards now. They laid in the pile to be taken top the charity shop for weeks and I finally did it yesterday.

About 8 pairs of very good shoes went too, Kickers and DM's. All size 9 and I am now a size 7.5. Who knew that feet lost weight too? The DM's were the hardest to let go of. Royal Blue and dear to me. Yet i haven't worn them for years. Why? Because they have a high leg and are lace ups. Even if I could manage to get them on and tie them, I'd never get them off gain. I could only wear them if John was around. So they all went to the charity shop too.

This room I am in now is cleared up enough to not leave me hemmed in and having to be careful where I put my feet. I can access the set up machines with ease and my PC.

I have spoken today with a person I know who has the same conditions as me. She is 62. She is now more or less housebound. There is always someone worse off. Speaking with her reminded me of how fortunate I am. It also scared me a little. I don't go there in my thoughts. I swim and keep active as much as I can so that I can pout off as long as I can the inevitable progression of my disease. Perhaps I can hold it at bay so that when I am 80 I am still as mobile.

I have eaten a lot of stir fries recently. Seafood and chicken ones. Today I used Quorn which is a mycoprotein. It was satisfying and nice, much better than soya protein veggie stuff. I don't think I would eat it this in anything other than a stir fry though.

I tend to go through phases with food. I am into to stir fries right now and eat them twice a day and have done for the last couple of weeks. It'll run it's course and I will go off them and get into something else. Talking about this at my Eating Disorder group just showed I am not the only one with and ED who does this. (I might add here that my ED is not a problem now and has not been for a long time but it is still there lurking and I can easily go off track if I don't stay aware. The urge to over or under eat is still there.)

I wrote a brief critique of Carly Simon's new album, This Kind Of Love, for Amazon. Critique is not a word I like but you get the idea. Anyway, when I went back to Amazon to read it again, I noticed a spelling mistake which still makes me laugh when i think of it. I mentioned one of the songs, 'People Say A Lot' but I wrote 'People SAT A Lot'. It tickles me now as I write this.

I am half way up the legs on the Lorna's Laces socks. I am also on new version of my forest green aran. I decided I did not like the other one so will frog it and continue with this version. Eventually this damn aran will get knitted!
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