Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wet Wet Wet and GI

Did I mention it was dull and wet?

Did 80 laps in the pool today.

When we took the stuff to the charity shop, I found a brand new hardback book for 50p on the Glycemic Index. It is possibly one of those fortuitous finds. I am not sure yet. I have read it. It is written by bona fide scientists, not diet gurus.

The gist of it is that if I add low glycemic foods, foods that release their energy slowly, I ought not to have troubles with my blood sugar. Since I also take drugs for my gut, I may not be as affected by the carbs now either. Well,I am willing to give it a try. It certainly will make travelling easier as it opens up what i can eat more. Believe it or not, pasta is a low GI food.

Anyway, I have had a bowl of porridge for brekky. Rolled oats are low GI. It says it will keep my blood sugar level and I'll be fine until lunch time. We'll have to wait and see.

I must admit to finding this rather scary. I haven't eaten such foods for years, unless I have been forced too.

Bread, white, is still off the menu as is sugar. Basically, whole grain foods and pasta/noodles are on. The latter two are low GI because the process of making them into pasta noodles does something to them which makes them low GI.

I ought to know in a day or two if this is going to suit me. I hope it does as it will make life easier and cheaper!

Shameless is a week from delivering. She is getting more fussy about food. She is however happy with her new quarters and has nested.

By the end of today, I ought to have finished my angora / merino sweater. I am still messing about with this damned aran. I am starting again with fewer sts. Although really it isn't as I knew I was just knitting a large swatch. Worth it in the end. I have only had to redo once.

Basically I knitted a swatch of 164 sts and 22 rows. I washed it and dried it. I know the rows per 10cm now and how many sts to cast on for the size I want. That is it. Much simpler than knitting several little swatch or knitting a large piece you think is right only to discover it isn't an done already spent a week knitting it!
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