Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not A Leg To Stand On

My swim went well. I drugged up before hand and it went better than expected. So well that by the time I got home, I had decided I would walk the dogs. Clever me. I got half way around the block and my left leg went. Or rather my left hip. At least I think it's the hip. Not sure. It hurts from there but the whole leg just stops responding. Fortunately, it was just the small block(20min) so I got home without having to summons assistance via my mobile phone. Not that I would know who to call.

I finished the entire 5 series of Cold Feet last night. Oh dear, I wasn't expecting anyone to die. They did. One of the main characters was killed in a car accident. I was shocked and upset. It is ONLY a tv series, I told myself but still, one had got to know these people and having one die like that was gut wrenching. It wasn't so much her death as the aftermath. The effect it had on her friends and husband. It was that which I found gut wrenching. John was not here. He thinks it odd that I cry at films and tv shows. 'It's just a film!!!' he will say. No point explaining I guess. Music can make me cry too. It can also make me feel ecstatic.

Still no summer here. The longest has been and gone and still we have no summer.

I finally sorted out an aran swatch that I like. It 's in 100% wool using 2 ends of 4ply(fingering) together which gives the equivalent of 200mtrs per 100gms. The colour is airforce blue. I am using 3.75mm needles. I tried using 3.5mm but although the swatch was nice to feel and see, it was too hard to knit. I am amazed that just upping the size by .25mm made such a difference.
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