Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yesterday's swim and today's went well. I also managed to walk the dogs today. Am soon to go back to bed.

I am on day 3 of introducing new foods into my diet. It is going well. I have had a little gut discomfort, especially the aerated feeling and mild cramp,mainly in the morning. Nothing to get worked up about though. Oh and no hunger either.

Today I went to see an acquaintance to see if my socks would suit her feet. I got a shock when I saw her. She has the same condition as I do yet hers has progressed very rapidly. I saw an old crippled lady. It was awful. I really felt for her. Her head is bent forwards, her feet have gone as have her ankles. She is 13 years my senior. Yet 9 months ago she was not like this, she was just as I am now. Leaves me all the more determined to continue with the swimming and the diet and my emotional work. Hopefully I can stave off the worst for very long time. Arthritis is a real f***er.

There has been no rain today which is lovely. On my drive to the pool I get to see lots of our wildlife. Cranes, Barn Owls, pairs of white Swan, Rabbit and Hare, Badgers and Foxes. Some of it is roadkill.

I am a soppy sod. Yesterday, on the way there, a mother duck walked across the road followed by half a dozen baby ducks. It put a lump in my throat and fear into my belly. Thank goodness they crossed in front of me as I stopped for them, thus making the other side stop also.

On the tv, there was a news article about a rough and ready man who had raised an orphaned Crane and the piece was about him trying to teach the Crane, which followed him everywhere, to fly. It was a success and this too brought tears to my eyes. I think it was the combination of the vulnerable bird and this rough looking man who I would have crossed the street to avoid.

I see many rabbits on the side of road, eating on the verges. I hate it. I worry about them and tell them to stay off the road. They take no notice of me of course and I also see many squished ones.

On the way to a dog show in the early hours last July, I hit a Fox. I felt awful. It ran across the road in front of me and I managed to avoid it but in it's fright, it doubled back and there was nothing I could do to save it.
When i went to WELKS , a bird flew str8 into my windscreen. That upset em too but frightened me also. It came out of nowhere. It did not do any damage, just dirtied the windscreen.
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