Saturday, June 07, 2008


I am rather p'd off. John has been away in Dublin and he didn't come home but when str8 to Belgrade. So I won't see him until weekend. It also means that my plans for a day out at the mall today have gone too. I won't be able to go for weeks now either as the puppies are due any time now and once they are born, no going out for long periods.

My swim went very well yesterday and today. Yesterday I did 100 laps and today I did 80. According to an online calories/swimming calculator thingy, a man my weight (182 lbs 84kgs approx) uses about 800 cals per hour. I do 80 laps in an hour. I checked it with several different sites and all said the same. It surprises me.

The new foods added to my diet are not causing me problems. My blood sugar has stayed stable, no funny turns, no hunger. Also no bad gut. I have been eating rolled oats Porridge for brekky and have added rice noodles to my stir fry meals, at least once a day. Last night I added whole wheat Pasta. No problems.

If my blood sugar remains stable and my weight does too (it has so far) I shall be very pleased. Not only will it give me more options when travelling and visiting, but it also means I can return to vegetarian fare. I will never return to being a 100% vegetarian but I can at least eat some of the meals I miss.

It is odd. The last few months of last year when I was so ill with the dumping of all that grief and anguish, I went off eating meat and started to eat a lot of fish which I had not done previously. I wasn't into fish at all. I ended up eating mainly fish. But still no carbs. I also discovered that my long term gut problem was IBS and I take drugs (Colofac) for that and it is solved.

Then as I started to come out of the grief, I started to feel hungry a lot and crave cigarettes again. I struggled with this for the last few months, still not eating carbs but constantly craving something. I discovered that although it felt like I wanted a fag, it wasn't a fag I wanted because I had one and still I craved.

Then this book smacks me in the face
and I am now eating low GI carbs and am feeling good. I am not craving for anything either. I do think it is weird how for years I have not touched carbs except for the minuscule amount in veggies, and that made me feel better than I had ever felt. It took most of my gut problems away, solved my blood sugar level problems and generally made me feel really good. To then suddenly stop being right for me. Weird.

I have cast on a new pair of socks and now think I am fed up with socks for now and will concentrate on my Aran work and some machine knitting.

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