Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good News


Well, I logged on to my blog this morning with trepidation. I am very pleased to see reasoned responses and not what I feared could await me.

Even better was the news item I read. Click on Dignity and you'll see the same news.

I almost didn't go to the pool. I really felt like I wasn't up to it. i went and told myself I need not do much. It hurt like hell for the first 20 mins but then I got into my stride and did my usual 80 laps. Of course I was stuffed afterwards and can barely walk now but I have nothing to do today but knit and watch the second disc of Damages.

The puppies are still doing well.

I abandoned the Aran altogether. I am swatching in 2 strands of 4ply wool a nice twisted stitch aran type. I hope it works out as I am rather pleased so far.

I sometimes see clients at home. Not usually men. However, recently I have had only men wanting to come for a reading. I have accepted, nervously as I still feel uncomfortable around men. Yet I have learned quite a lot form this. Not only have I been able to work well with them but have also found that other men, heterosexual ones, have similar issues to me. Yesterday's one had a father pretty much the same as mine and he had problems today because of it. He is str8 so he chooses women to have relationships with who treat him just like his father did-with no respect and over demanding. They use and abuse him. The poor man is very confused and hurt. Perhaps he gained some insight from our session that will be of help to him .
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