Monday, November 30, 2009


I ended up leaving negative feedback for the seller on Ebay. I hate to do that but was left with no choice. I was not happy for several reasons. I paid directly out of my PayPal balance-no bank account for card involved. Supposedly payment didn't get here till 23rd, 3 days after I paid. How come? I received yarn 7 days after I paid. I was also charged way over the cost of postage which was £2.65 and I was charged £4.30. I know packing costs, I do it all the time, but a plastic bag does not cost £1.65. I would have charged £3.15. Post cost and .50p for rest(bag etc).(oh and in case you don't know this, I would not get £3.15, but less than £3 as PP take a cut of ALL money that is paid to me.)

To make it worse, one of the hanks was only 88gm, not the stated 100gm. I wrote on Friday as soon as I knew this. I got this as a response:

We sell on an average hank weight at 18.25% moisture at 100gms in line with the standard regulations on these items, sometimes the yarn can dry out or fall below the physical weight dependant on the actual moisture content.

However, we do try to ensure that our yarns physically weight 100gms and if you are unhappy with an individual hank and can return this intact with the appropriate order number and details we can either refund this or replace it.

I wrote back immediately, having measured the yarn and knowing it was 50m short, 350 instead of 400m. I resisted the urge to comment that I resented being taken for a fool. I said I was happy to send the hank back, for a 100gm 400m replacement, at their expense. As of this evening, 3 whole days after my response, I have received no reply. I decided then I had done all I could. It really is annoying because they have other yarn I really would have bought, and bookmarked one set, not buying until this was cleared up. It wasn't cleared up so I didn't buy.I am aware that not all people are blessed with a SOH and that also humour doesn' necessarily travel well. However, I do wonder why people who normally do not comment, find the sudden urge do so when they feel aggrieved? It's rather like only speaking to be critical. Sad.

Today could have been better. I did have a good, if difficult swim. When the time came around for pills, I took different ones, two of them, and the pain was gone, all gone, within an hour. Unfortunately, I was then hit with a ravenous hunger. I won't do that again, take the two pills. Or maybe I should wait until after I have eaten a substantial lunch? I had eaten, about an hour before, but a light meal, an omelette.

Things are a bit nosiy here with the dogs all sexed up. Trouble is I am fairly certian that no sooner will Carly have ceased her season, Edna will start hers!

My second pair of home dyed socks are coming along well. Just a normal wool/nylon mix, again dyed with food colour. I am using a no hole lace pattern on them which I am pleased with, though i think it would look better on a plain coloured pair.

I have also found place that will make shoes or boots to my specifications. The colours and design I choose. Not expensive either though I will have to wait until I know what our exact financial position. I may not be able to. :(

I really need to knit up some sweaters on the machines. John dropped a rather large hint at the weekend! I have had some orange cashmere swatched up for me for months and still have not knitted it. I also owe Sarah one and haven't done that either. I will, it;s just not as easy as it was. I am trying to promise myself to knit these 3 pairs I have on the needles, and no more, until the sweaters are done.

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