Monday, November 09, 2009


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I commented thus:

I have been penniless and homeless and on the streets. I don't forget. I also look people in the eyes regardless of whether or not I give.
I am now in the position of often having to ask for help because of disability. It brings up many of the same feelings that poverty and
homelessness did. The important thing is that I ignore my pride and I ask...most of the time.I have a very good life now. I am thankful each day because I know how fragile it all is. The person who suggested we don't look because we fear being there ourselves, is dead right. In our spirit we know we are looking at ourselves in different circumstances and it is scary. To feel compassion is good and painful. Blame is easy and the cowardly way.

I'll add I think this woman is courageous. Both for her action that day and for writing about it on her blog.
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