Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was very anxious again his morning. I went for my swim at 11am. I have found if I put sleep first, I can swim better and longer. I was putting swimming first before and that didn't work out.

When I got back from the pool, having decided I'd really rather die than live in a one bed flat in London, and having figured out how to make sure I did, there was a message on Call Minder telling me that the bankruptcy has been cancelled. Just as I had seen in a meditation, but you know me and trust.....we just have to wait for the written confirmation. Also, the figure has been reduced somewhat and out tax person thinks we have more than enough to cover it and will be able to go way too.

Negotiation is still ongoing and it will still be a while before we know for sure what is what but I am assured the house is safe. I will feel better once I know for sure and it is all done and dusted. This whole experience has made me feel worse than almost 3 years ago when I had a lump on one of my balls which turned out to be benign but took 3 weeks before I knew that. I have felt far worse over this.

I have done more sock dyeing. I dyed the other 50grams of the black green and orange. It will not look the same as the one I am knitting, I hope, but who cares, I am learning how to get what I want. It's rather fun.
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