Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today my friend Marilyn visited and John, she and I went out to the local Italian for lunch. We quite enjoyed it. we would have meandered around town except for this awful weather. Cold, windy and wet.

The weather has been awful all over, especially in the south west and floods etc are forecast.

My show tomorrow, the Lhasa Apso Association of Wales and South West Championship Show is in Stroud, Gloucester. Where many of the weather warnings are! It ought to be clear by tomorrow though.

I am knitting two pairs of socks. One is using the yarn I was sent as a present from a knitting friend. I will report on that when they are done. The other pair is using the yarn I dyed yesterday. I decided to use the yarn over cable a la Charlene Schurch. I am quite pleased with the way this yarn is knitting up. I am using 1.75mm Hiya Hiya's. The yarn itself feels really good, 80% merino 20% bamboo. This mix is fast becoming my favourite.

I am wearing a black and white ensemble tomorrow with a red turtle neck. No photograph but maybe I can get one tomorrow. It includes Dr Martens in white with black stars on them.

HERE you can see a picture of Whitney when she took RBIS in Scotland, along with the BIS and the other winners.
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