Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today has started off better than I expected. I am not so scared or wound up as yesterday. I slept better last night which is weird considering yesterday's news. My swim started off painful but got better and I was not as crippled when I got out as I was yesterday.

If we lose our house, I'd rather die than return to living solely in the flat. It is not at all suitable for me. I'd be trapped. I could not get my wheelchair in it, let alone up and down the stairs to the flat. The nearest supermarket is a car ride away. No where to leave my car outside the flat. No dogs. No knitting machines. I'd have to part with most of my boots and clothing. Never mind the fact of all the homophobic abuse and attacks I got there. Bricks through the windows, wrecked car, physical assault. I could not live like that again. Popping off to the next world, or THE END is the better option by far.

What really p*sses me off is that the tax is not even owed! But it seems that once a court has made a decision, it can't be undone. The IR basically decided on an arbitrary figure and filed suit. The fact John is a PAYE tax payer means nothing to them it seems. That fact would tell them he has paid his tax because it is taken before he gets any money. It seems vindictive that just because he didn't send in the form, they are willing to bankrupt him just for the hell of it. Yes, fine him. That's the law. To destroy all that he has is just plain wicked. We are assured by the tax accountant that she can stop this going further even though it is in the final stages. I am still scared.

I have a dog show this coming Sunday (15th). It is a long way away, in Stroud. It is The Lhasa Apso Association of Wales and The South West Championship Show. I ma not really in the mood for a dog show but I will go.

The weather has turned cold this last few dyas. Winter is here. Around 2-4c (mid 30'sf). Fog for most of the morning yesterday and today. Not even the very heavy coated dogs are keen on the cold! Though if it snows, that is wholely different matter. They will frolic in that all day. They adore snow as do I though my frolicking days are long gone! (In the snow that is.)

I have been playing both Lily Allen albums a lot recently. I like her very much. Her lyrics are so cogent and I like the way she delivers. Thanks be to Joan who sent the link to her F*ck You song on You Tube.

Another new cd is also because of a knitting email pal, Beverley. The Noisetttes. Very different to Ms Allen but very enjoyable. This last two years I have added James Blunt, Duffy, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Beth Rowley, Thomas Otten, The Medieval Babes, Nova Menco, Karunesh, Katie Melua and Noissettes to my collection.
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