Saturday, November 21, 2009


It is still wet here. Poor people in Cumbria have severe floods. Lives have been lost. I always wonder what happens to people's pets. I couldn't leave my home and not take the the dogs.

I slept better last night though I did allow myself a little help. I don't unless it's a dog as a rule but the thought of another sleepless night...

I still have not been out. I picked up John from the station, in my pyjama's. I was glad it was dark as I really thought I night not even go to do that. I didn't go into the supermarket. Told him what I wanted, a low fat plain live yoghurt, and left him to it. I really couldn' face the idea of being out. Normally, I am itching to be able to go out. We get Daniel in the car (the electric chair) and I zoom around our large Tesco. I have no desire to leave the house right now and I felt naked for the brief time I had to yesterday.

I was okay with John too. I was scared I might not be but once again I asked for help with that. We watched the new Michael McIntyre DVD. He is very funny and whilst he does swear, he does not do offensive jokes, more observations we all identify with. He also clearly has his insecurities and this makes him funnier and endearing.

The mistake I made in writing careless words about a person who was so easily identifiable has been cleared up, I am very pleased to report. We have had pleasant email exchange and it is now behind us. I so unused to being forgiven for my mistakes. I really hated the idea I had caused pain. I had not intended to. Had the thing that upset me in the first place not happened whilst the possibility of me losing my home is hanging over my head, I am quite sure I would not have reacted the way I did.

I have done a fair bit of hanking recently. The niddy noddy is easy to use, despite video demonstrations on YouTube that make it look really hard! The drawn illustrations found elsewhere were not helpful either. Finally I just picked the damn thing up and looked at it. I knew what a hank was and I figure it out in about 15 seconds. Easy peasy as they say. Oh and now I know how the hanks get messed up too, if one is careless as one hanks. It has been one of biggest complaints about bought hanks-the hank not being done right and getting tangled as one tries to ball it.

I shall probably spend much of this weekend hanking. This way I also a pretty good idea of yardage/metreage. Already one customer asked I hank for her instead of sending the cakes.

Carly has been in season for a bout a week and has not yet got to the 'ripe' stage as Luque is still behaving himself. I shall know when Carly is ripe because he will go nuts.

Shameless will be coming back home from my dear friend Dawn. When she went there the agreement was that she not spey her until I was sure I didn't want any more from her. I do. I want to mate her to Luque. Both her previous litters produced champion quality puppies but with problems I did not want. I know that Luque has not produced any unsoundness at all so hopefully this will be a better match. Oh, don't misunderstand, Bridget is being kept and very good but she doesn't quite make the grade and Carly, who does physically make the grade, she is ch quality, has this weird skittish temperament. I am very hot on good temper and I do not want this in my line. A ch quality dog that freaks out when at a dog show is no good.

James went to his new home a week ago. Honestly, these dogs are just weird. John and I loved him but we didn't like him much. He didn't like us. He basically ignored us. Oh, he wanted the food and he would deign to wag his tail at dinner time and he might also do so if he hadn't seen either of us for a while. However, he mainly ignored us. Well, the lady and gent he went to live with were told before they came that he was quite an undemonstrative dog but easy to handle.

They arrived last Saturday morning. I let them meet the other dogs first, and then, with trepidation, I let James in to meet them, hoping he wouldn't just walk out again. The little bastard came in, took one look at the woman, and jumped on her, tail wagging furiously and licking her face non stop! She was delighted and in love. I was pleased too, despite me thinking he was an ungrateful little sod! Honestly, he had all his needs met, was cared for and loved, but still we were not good enough for him! Lhasa Apso can be like that. When we got the lead and they were ready to leave, I was thinking, here we go, this is when he will baulk. No. He practically dragged the woman to her car. He couldn't wait to leave home. Hummph!

The woman called a few days later to tell me how happy he was and how thrilled she is with him. He follows her everywhere, sits on her lap, licks her all the time and is totally house clean and eats like a pig. I am glad the little sod is happy!

I guess that is it. I am off to do so some hanking.
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