Monday, November 16, 2009


I allowed the negativity of yesterday to get in the way of my blog writing and two things I really ought to have mentioned.

Today is Whitney's 2nd birthday. 7cc's before she was 2 is quite amazing, especially for a black of traditional type and a nobody handler.

The second really lovely thing is that Lorraine Carter made Whitney a cake for her Championship title. She wrote on it in icing, Champion Polielin's Whitney with Tantra. I was very touched by this kind gesture. it is common practice for people to throw a buffet at the shows when a champion is made up but that is beyond my physical abilities. So thank you very much to Lorraine for doing this for me. Even more special because it was home made. People can be so kind and this helps one not be jaded and cynical. There are those who made kind remarks re Whitney''s success and still others who have stopped talking to me. However, gestures like this show me what really counts. Thank you very much.
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