Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday was a good day at the Lhasa Apso Association of Wales and the south West's' Championship Show. Whitney gained her 7th challenge certificate and reserve Best In Show. The male, a stunning black and white, Owen, gained his first challenge certificate and went Best in Show. Like Whitney, Owen's father is my Luque. Luque and Owen were bred by Elsa Dickenson,( Terendak ) , and Whitney by my friend Linda Robinson, (Polielin.)

As it stands right now, Whitney is the joint top winning Lhasa Apso this year. A male, Jerry, also has 7cc's. There are three championship shows left this year. Whitney is going to only one of those, though I don't expect her to do well at it.

I got up and drove John to the train station and was back in bed in the space of fifteen minutes and I slept until 11.30am. I am still exhausted and hurt all over. The hall yesterday was cold. I am glad I wore my tights and thermal vest after all. Today it is very wet with high winds. I plan to do bugger all today except knit and watch Desperate Housewives.

Edit: I removed a significant portion of this post. I hate doing so but sometimes the best thing for ME is what is important. I haven't the energy to deal with nonsense. I could easily change my mind and put it back but for now this seems to be the best thing to do for myself. I do so hate being taken advantage of and people thinking they can walk all over me and I won't bite. Perhaps my physical condition makes them feel braver or makes them think my character is as weakened as my body. It's been a morphine day to day and I want to go back to bed but it's far too early for the dogs. And I haven't even watched DH!
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