Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Well, taking the pain meds on a regular basis really seems to be working out well. More than I would have thought. I have had no sugar cravings. Coincidence? My mood is better and I am not so short tempered. Coincidence? I do know that one of the things I was afraid of was the drugs changing my mood. It is 'mood altering' drugs that i have been taught to steer clear of. I have realised that I am not high. I just am in a better mood because I don't hurt so f'ing much! I can be a right twat (idiot) sometimes.

The postman has brought me surprises this week. Oh, okay, the postman is in fact Flora, and she is a lesbian. And no she isn't at all mannish. But I digress. I ordered Twisted Stitches by Maria Erlbacher, published by Schoolhouse Press. I had to order it it from as did not stock it. I had seen the book on Fuguestateknits' blog. The information told me to expect the book in several weeks time. It took a few days to arrive. I love the book. Oh and I also got the Vogue Sock Book and Cokkie A's book. Not sure why, but what the hell.

The second surprise, even though I knew it was coming, was a hank of Wollmeise. I had seen that a blog/email friend had bought some at a fair and I wrote and asked if I could possibly buy some from her. I really expected the answer to be no as I know Wollmeise is a bugger to get hold of. Not only did this dearly lady not say no, she sent it to me as a gift!!! I haven't mentioned her name because she may prefer to be anonymous. The colours are gorgeous, black, and rusts, going from light to dark. It feels very nice and there is 160+ grams of it so plenty for a nice long pair.

I watched a film this afternoon called The Women. It was okay to watch whilst I knitted. Clever in that not one man appeared in the whole film, unless one did whilst I was twisting a stitch. I am not too sure what the point was or whom it was aimed at since these were all very rich women except for the 'mistress' who was a perfume sales girl. Come to think of it I think this film was snobby and pretentious and they portrayed the mistress as a common working class slut. Perhaps this wasn't a very nice film.

I have just started to watch the seventh series of 24. No I do not fancy Bauer. Not at all. I cannot resist watching this though. If only to wonder how many times this guy can survive what would have killed a lesser man in the first episode of the first series! The whole thing is very silly and very macho and very American and politically incorrect but I enjoy it anyway.

Oh and Carly Simon's new album, Never Been Gone, has arrived and I have listened once. I am not sure what I think. It contains re-workings of her own songs. I always find this difficult and is one reason why hearing songs live that I have only heard on record is not my favourite thing. Her voice though still does it for me. (not THAT but she has always made me feel.)
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