Monday, November 09, 2009

I just had a call from the tax accountant. The situation is far far worse than at first thought. She swears she can sort it, that it isn't too late to stop the worst happening. I feel scared and I know John feels much worse. I said my bit when I first found out. All I was concerned about is that he is dealing with this okay and not freaking out. I am not freaking out, I am scared for our home but I am scared for him too. The accountant spoke with us both separately and she dealt with us the way a counsellor would. I was most impressed. It's weird, she is like a long term friend that seems to know us both really well. She has sworn she will work round the clock to sort this and prevent it going the full course. I only found out just in time about all this to stop it. I thank God the credit card company wrote and told us there was a credit report problem. That is how I found out. Had they not done that, that would have been it. The whole lot would be lost.

Even though she has assured me that the worst will not happen, I find it hard to accept it 100%. I feel weird about her too. I trust her and just knew I had got the right ewprson to halep us and after todays;'s long talks to us both, I still think she is the right one. I cannot imagine a large company or some office accoutnat taking this amount of care and concern.
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