Monday, November 09, 2009


I don't know what was up with me this morning. Perhaps the fog outside got into my brain. I drove John to the train station and then went to the pool. I do both these things every Monday. When I got into the pool, I realised I had not taken any drugs. Not my heart and gut stuff nor my pain killers. Fortunately I had taken a couple of sprays of GTN as I always do before exertion so I knew my bp would stay down. I was not prepared though for the amount of pain the swimming produced, most especially in my feet. My feet have been playing up recently, crunching when I walk and sometimes feeling like I am walking on broken glass. So now I know just what the PK's do! I have now been taking them regularly for the last 10 days and I do feel better. I also realised that one of the reasons I have had such a hard time with them, and have still been feeling pangs of guilt/shame, is taking them when I am not in pain. That seems weird to me. Okay, so with me there is no such thing as not being in pain, I mean not in bad pain. I accept though that taking the pills regularly is necessary in order to keep it bay. Even the Tramadol information leaflet says they are for pain or pain PREVENTION. You must be bored reading my damn drugs by now.

On the knitting front I bought one of THESE. I really like it. So much better than the metal umbrella thing I have which clamps on to a table. This I can place on my Granny Tray and wind with the whole lot sitting comfortably on my lap. I have already balled several hanks. it is so tempting to cast on another pair of socks but I have resisted. I do not like to have more than one pair on the needles. I will have a sweater on the needles as well, only one, and maybe one on the machine also, but I won't have more than one pair of socks, more than one sweater, on the needles.

I am waiting for one of THESE to arrive also. I can use this to make hanks of some of my yarns for dyeing and also for winding the speciality, luxury yarns I have on cone into hanks for sale on Ebay.

We saw W. It did help me understand him better, not that it told me anything I didn't already suspect. My major thought all the way through the film was 'how the hell did they elect him at all, never mind twice!?'. How embarrassing. And terrifying.

We also saw Mad Money which was quite amusing but really a bit flat. I like Queen Latifah very much and also Diane Keaton. Not so sure that the message of the film was appropriate!

New in Town was another film. Renee Zellweger, a favourite, along with Harry Connick Jr, good looking. This film was flat too. I said to John when Rennee first met the Harry character, shall we FF to them getting married? What really really really really p*ssed me off about this dvd was not being able to bypass the adverts! How dare they force us to watch them? So arrogant. So unethical. It disgusts me and makes me want to throw things at the telly. I'd love to meet the arse*ole who decided it was okay to treat us with such disrespect.

I finished reading Dan Brown's THE LOST SYMBOL. I enjoyed it as I have all of his books. However, I was very disappointed that he used the word 'invalid' to describe a person in wheelchair!! How did that get past him or his editor? Disgraceful. It's 2009 for goodness sake.

It took all day Friday to renew my Blue Badge. Still I won't have to do that for another 3 years now. The woman who dealt with me was very pleasant and made it a pleasure. She was clearly taken with John and I. We had a good laugh and a chat. I was amazed that she was the same age as I. I kid you not when I say I'd have believed she 30. Clearly, 'black don't crack' as Oprah says. I don't believe I have ever seen anyone look this young who is not without surgery etc. She was make-up and surgery free.

Saturday we did domestic things like haircuts, shopping and stuff. However, the temperature has dropped to around 5c and so I had more pain than usual. Not that that stopped me shopping. I think only a coma would prevent me shopping.

Yesterday, we went to Serpentine Green Centre. I bought a red pair of leather gloves. When the woman took my card I discovered that the gloves were on sale and were only £2.99!!!! I do love a bargain. They fit like a glove too. (I normally buy a ladies medium.)

I bought two shirts, one red with with pin stripes and one blue with pin stripes. I only have about 50 shirts so these were a necessary buy.

We used up our £30 worth of vouchers in Tesco. We both really dislike this supermarket but really do not have much of choice about where we shop unless we are willing to travel 30 miles to the best supermarket, Morrissons. There is Waitrose only 24 miles away but it is expensive and quality middle class and doesn't have all we need as it's also small.

Anyway, this is supposedly the largest Tesco's in Britain, or it was. Yet it still can't keep stocked with ordinary items. With it being so big, one would expect to be able to buy more upmarket products. One used to be able to. Not now. I particularly like Belazu Balsamic Vinegar. It is thick and real and very tasty and it is not cheap. They don't bother to stock it now. John couldn't get his multigrain bread or cheese twist bakes. Staples!

Of course, despite my bright coloured boots, my green hat and gloves and cashmere sweater, and the size of my electric wheelchair, I am still invisible it seems. I think it is time I got a machine gun to attach to one of the arms.

I am off to bed now. This is my secret to being devastatingly handsome. Sleeping. No creams. Just drugs and sleep. (I am still waking every 2 hours. That is a pita, as rude people say. I don't swear. So common - like my friend Sarah....)

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