Sunday, November 29, 2009


We went to a craft fair today. It was held in the grounds of the Queen's private estate, Sandringham. I thought, as we were there, we'd pop in for a cup of tea and a chat.The bitch wasn't there and had pissed off to the Caribbean. I shan't bother next time. How rude! Honestly, does no one have any manners today? Not so much as a hint she wouldn't be in.

Fortunately, the set up was such that it was easy to navigate in Daniel, who only struggled once to get over a raised bit.

As often happens, a woman stopped and said 'I love your boots. My sister would kill you for those.' I replied that her sister had no need to kill a cripple for his boots as they were available online! She laughed, which was the intention. Oh, and the boots were my Lilac Lampur Docs.

It was a good show. John bought a beautiful wooden box, hand made and polished. I bought a hat and a stoneware cup and saucer with a sheep motif on it. We bought a pig leaning over a gate having a gossip. (a figurine, not a real one.)

I saw some beautiful multi-coloured leather shoes and I asked the crafter if he had them in a size 8. His response was 'yes, but they are women's shoes', and turned away from me! So f'ing what! I wanted to know the size. He clearly wasn't interested in selling them to a man. Really, where do they come from?

We found a marquee specifically for weavers, spinners, dyers, etc but it was very disappointing. I did see some beautiful own grown and spun Alpaca but I forced myself to resist the temptation. I really have no need for it.

I was hungry and as is normally the case at these places, the food was inappropriate for me. I found a Venisonburger and I bought one of those. It filled the hole and the bun went in the bin. The Venison was really tasty. I have recently started to buy Venison sausage and they too are tasty. Very low fat and hardly any carbs.

This reminds of a really funny joke, at least I thought it was. A young woman, attractive with large eyes and from the wrong side of the tracks, was asked if she had been called Bambi because of her big eyes. She replied, 'nah, cos me movver was shot.'!!!! I found it hysterical. It was a scene in The secrets Diary of A Call Girl starring Billie Piper.

On the way home we stopped for a Sunday Roast at a large Hotel which we pass frequently. We shall eat there again. Very reasonable and excellent quality food.

Poor Luque is really frustrated now. Carly is 'ripe' and so the hormones are driving him wild. In a couple of days it should be over as it's already 3 days. The season is usually 21-28days but they are only ripe for a few of them, around the middle time. This is when they ovulate and they give off a different pheromone and thus the boys go nuts then.

Both of us are feeling much less tense now that we know we shan't be losing the house. In fact, it would seem the news I have is going to be even better than that, but I will not divulge until we are certain and it is all signed, sealed and delivered.
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