Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Why do people who follow a particular faith think that if only those of us who don't, understood their faith , or were not wicked, we too would follow their faith?

I am neither wicked nor stupid. I do not call myself a Xtian because I find the basic tenants of belief for that faith to be unacceptable to me. My conscience will not allow me to accept what it finds abhorrent. I cannot accept a God of conditional love. Nor can I accept that the only way to peace is to believe the unbelievable, to reject my own reason and to condemn others. I cannot ever imagine being at peace knowing that others are suffering because of their unbelief.

So now you know.


Nan said...

I've thought about this from both sides of the issue. I think, for the true believer, there may be an element of thinking they are truly helping those poor, poor unbelievers. If one believes that one has the truth, then one would want to share it, right?

However, from the other side of the coin, I think there may be an element of fear involved as well. If someone doesn't accept what I hold to be TRUTH, then I have to at least recognize that that truth could be doubted. And, if I need that in my life, that could be a scary prospect.

I guess my bottom line is that we'd all be better off accepting folks wherever they are on the belief/non-belief spectrum and know that they are probably doing the very best they can with their lives.

I roll my own spiritual-wise and I get a wide variety of reactions. Some want to convince me that I'm wrong and others tell me that I'm the most spiritual person they know. I think I'm just doing the best I can.

Anonymous said...

So right you are!

Anonymous said...

The Christian God is a God of unconditional love. He loves us even when we mess up. Sometimes Christians aren't very good at modeling it, though.