Saturday, December 13, 2008

Condtional Love

From the comments section of a previous post:

"God does not condemn anybody. We choose whether we want to spend eternity with Him, or away from Him, that's all. He allows us our freedom to choose, because he wants our love, and love cannot be forced. I am not comparing apples to oranges - I am merely saying that love does not necessarily mean accepting everything the loved one does.

This describes conditional love and only those who fear can possibly believe other wise. Admittedly, on the surface this seems a much more liberal and loving interpretation of what happens to sinners-unbelievers.

Until one thinks about it that is.

What we are talking about here is abandonment, being cast out, set adrift. Clearly those who choose to believe this think this is far less cruel and wicked than the fires of Hell for eternity. If they knew what abandonment felt like, they may realise as I and others do, this punishment is just as wicked.

It is a source of bewilderment and pain to me that people just cannot conceive of a God who is not like us. Who is not vengeful, jealous, narcissistic, and insecure. They seem to think that a God of unconditional love would mean that those who transgress and cause suffering to others get away with it. I do think that is at the core of most of this belief in a God of 'Conditional Love'.
They don't seem able to see how we are 'punished' BY our sins not FOR them.

There is no point of no return. The way to the Light, to God, is always open to us. No matter for how long our back is turned on the Light, the way back is never ever barred to us. The way to the Light is painful for all. None of us is without error. None of us is perfect.

We have nothing to fear at all from God. Unconditional Love is just that. Unconditional. We will never cease to be, never be cast out, (or down!), never be abandoned. And it is not dependent upon what one believes in the way of dogma.

Our life, and in the next world, is completely dependent upon what we believe about ourselves and others and how we act as result.

I understand completely how fear can keep us hanging on doggedly to a belief system. I can also see the convoluted thinking required to explain how Unconditional Love can still be Unconditional despite conditions set upon it! I also see the falsity of it, no matter how good a person maybe at bamboozling themselves and others. And some orators are excellent at it and it brings millions to their 'mission' and they live a very wealthy life, thank you very much.


FuguesStateKnits said...

That's why I believe learning and growth continue into eternity. The problem is this: we don't KNOW what the truth is. But we're supposed to believe. That's asking a lot. How does one even know which form of Christianity is "the" truth? No, I think this kind of blind adherence to the bible is a form of idolatry. I tried to post something more well written last night, but I fear it got "eaten" by blogger mites, LOL:)
I believe in God. I don't need or expect anyone else to. If there is a God and you are wrong, how can your disbelief offend Her or hurt Her one iota? And what does it profit anything in the universe that you or anyone else should be destroyed for something you have no way of knowing? Not only is that NOT unconditional love, it's gravely unjust - not the actions of a perfect loving Being.
OK, off the soapbox again:)!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this information that is so important for us to remember when the pressure is on. Your words fit so well with the loving message I receive at the church I've been a member in since 1988 - Unity Church of Christianity.

BammerKT said...

Ach! This is one of the things that drives me crazy! When my stepson came out 18 months ago, I expected my husband (his father to struggle a little bit), but I was totally proud of him and relieved when all he said was, "He's still the same kid I loved yesterday" and he moved on and nothing changed.

This is also one of the mindsets that keeps me out of an organized church. It's crap! It's a lie! And it's an example of people not thinking for themselves. If you think about it, it's totally contradictory! And why don't those fundy churches ever go back into the history of the bible? Why don't people study it further on their own?

Hey that got me fired up. I better go clean bathrooms or something constructive!