Monday, December 08, 2008

answer to comment

I find mediumship frightening. How do you know the spirits you are contacting are telling you the truth? There are malevolent spirits out there too, who could do you harm.

My answer is this:
I can understand why you or anyone would find mediumship frightening if one doesn't understand it. The second part of the comment I can answer by saying I have had no evidence whatsoever of that but much evidence to show the opposite. Nothing but love has been communicated. I cannot say the same for followers of some other belief systems who base their thought and deed on their idea of what was written 0000's of years ago. I have much evidence to suggest that what they have given is something that is about as far from from love and good as you can get.
I also wonder what evidence the belief in malevolence is based upon?
The ONLY evidence I have had of an all encompassing, unconditional and eternal love has come direct from the Spirit. I certainly have experienced nothing but healing without which i would not be alive or sane. Orthodoxy had nothing and has nothing, to offer me except condemnation and rejection. Spirit is inclusive, not exclusive.


CP Warner said...

I suspect, Colin, that you must be endowed with a great gift of discernment. I have no doubt that if a "malevolent" spirit came anywhere near you, you would recognize it instantly and be thoroughly capable of banishing it. I don't think anyone could really be an effective and truthful medium without that gift. You have always come across as true-blue to me, and there are some who seem to think that I have powers of discernment. For whatever that's worth. My spiritual partner seems to think I might be a medium, but I have no idea how I could tell for sure. I imagine it will all become evident in due time, but for now? Hmmmm...curiouser and curiouser!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could introduce you to my parish, Colin. I don't think you have experienced true Christian orthodoxy. Oh well, we shall just have to agree to disagree, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I pressed send too soon. I think you just have to look around you to see that there is evil in the world - if there is evil in the physical world, it only stands to reason that there is evil in the spirit world, as well.

Nan said...

I, too, have no fear of "evil" spirits. From what I can tell, the evil in this world comes exclusively from humans misusing their free will and hurting each other. The Spirit has no desire to harm anyone and, therefore, we have nothing to fear from that quarter.

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit has no desire to harm anyone, but not all spirits are holy. I don't live in a constant state of fear - but I have had direct personal experience with evil in the spiritual realm, and some things I think it is just best to leave well enough alone.