Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back From Show

Well, I found out for myself that what I had been told about today's judge was true. I prefer to go an see for myself. I went and I saw that her friends did well. Whitney was thrown out with the rubbish which I knew she would do after I saw her judge the first two classes of the day. I could write more but I know this blog is read by a couple or more doggy people.

I had a wonderful day though. My black with yellow roses on Doc Martens went down well, I had a good chat and giggle with some people and came home.

My hips are bad, have been all week, thus the not sleeping well. Last time they were this bad I had steroid injections driectly into them but it only brought relief for abput 3 days and it is not worth the risk for such a short time of relief.

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