Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shaking The Bed

The new pool is good, or rather the experience of going there is good. Very helpful. Same distance form home. Has the advantage that their best time for going is 8am-9am so I don't have to be up at 5am and get up at 6am instead. Of course this just means I go to bed an hour later and therefore sleep the same amount of hours but it feels like I sleep longer.

The new pool is old fashioned. It has stairs cut into the walls. they are vertical and thus unusable by me. I jump in at the deep end and get out by way of a chair lowered into the water and hoisted up and out. I am not that keen on it. It feels precarious and also makes me somewhat visible. Still, I am at least getting my swim still and the pool I normally attend will be open again after it's refurbishment on the 2nd.

Some people don't just lack brains but manners too. Twice this week I have been happily swimming lanes, as are the others, and twice two rather large women have have got in right in the middle of us and not only that start doing backstroke! They then wonder why they get kicked by us doing the laps.

Did I tell you that when one is swimming in a pool next to a large person, it makes swimming more difficult? Well, it does. It's like swimming in the wake of a ship.

Last night in bed, I was deeply engrossed in my novel, The Gaudi Key, when I heard a loud fart! Ghosts? A ghost with gas? No. My 11 year old Nechung who sleeps on the bed with me. Did she excuse herself? No. She's French. Did she even look up? No. Not even when I shook the bed laughing.

Speaking of reading, I have just finished reading In God We Doubt by John Humphries. A really good read. Agnosticism is really the only sensible position to take. I only take issue with one thing he wrote, and that is that he does not think it is harmful to indoctrinate children, that belief is harmless. I am astounded by that and it spoils an otherwise sensible book. If you read it, don't expect any answers because rather sensibly he recognizes there are not any to give, or at least none we as humans can understand. He, like me, has no time for Fundies or for atheists.

I am feeling good in myself but not in my body. When I walk it feels like each bone in my foot is crunching, my hands are screaming at me all the time, my hips are whining. Yet i fell cheerful. I have been taking drugs just before I go to bed and it seems to help. I have slept better. I think becasue the drugs keep the pain at bay and thus I am not waking up all the time. I also take them before my swim. That is usually it. Just the two does a day for now.

On Saturday, I have another dog show, at the NEC. That will be it for this year but they soon start up again in January. There is not a month now without a major dog show.

Shameless has been showing well for over a week now and today is really quite large. I think she may well have a large litter. They should be here in just under 3 weeks.

Next week, on Tuesday, assuming I am still in the body, I shall be 18250 days old. That is some achievment for me. I cam so close a few times to not being.


Bo... said...

Wish I had your dedication to daily exercise. And I think you are correct about dealing with the pain to ensure better sleeping. I remember a long time ago, when my father was still alive, I was complaining of bad sleep and he advised: "If you take a couple aspirin before bed you'll sleep better", speaking of the fact that pain can definitely disturb sleep. So whenever my arthritis is bugging me I take some ibuprofen before bed. (I am painfully "paying" for my college years of cheerleading and dance school.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. Dog farts stink to hight heaven, too, don't they? ewwwwwwwwww