Sunday, December 21, 2008


Does anyone know what happened to Dipsy Doodle of Innsbrook , Austria? She hasn't blogged for a year now. Her blog was popular, loads of comments and then nothing.


Annick said...

Colin, I didn't know Dipsy Doodle, but perhaps she is ill or something like this ? You know, since a year I am fighting against an hepatitis C and I don't really care for my blog... If I didn't share it with a friend, I suppose that I would have closed it. I wish you and John all the best for Christmas and the new year and above all a better health.

Janelle said...

Hi Colin, I just saw this entry. She was a regular commenter on my blog, and just as her entries stopped in Nov 2007 I haven't heard from her since then as well. I just sent her an email to check on her, and will let you know if/when she gets back to me. I, too, hope she's okay!

Janelle said...

I'm sending you an email as well, but wanted to put it here also that she's written back that she's fine, well, and happy--just not blogging any more as she had lost interest.