Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good Communication


It is cold and wet and blowing a gale. It seems the rest of the country are blowing blizzards rather than rain. Not fair! I want snow! It looks better. Yes, I know, it causes chaos too but it is still beautiful.


Last nights demonstration went well. I did the demonstration of mediumship with my back to the people and with a helper, a young woman from the audience, to tell me if the answer from the recipient was a yes or a no. It went far better than I at first thought. It turned out that one of the recipients was the aunt of the girl who was helping me and she never gave anything away at all. I had no clue. Her voice did not betray her at all. It turned out that the communicator who was a woman in her late 30's to early 40's form what I could see, had died of cancer and she wanted to talk with her mum. Which she did. She gave other details too. Her mother was the aunt of the girl who was helping me. Even more astounding for me was this was the very first time the young woman had been to see such a see such a demonstration. It was very moving. It had only been 29 weeks since the woman's daughter had made her transition so the feelings were still very raw.


My eye is much today. I have more or less mastered getting the ointment into my eye. I feel confident I shall go for my swim in the morning. After that, it will be preparing the dogs for the show on Saturday. Only one dog though, Whitney. Micah is retired for now until his coat matures. Whitney is no longer a puppy, being over twelve months of age so Saturday is her first Junior class.


Shameless puked up most of her food last night so I have fed her half her amount this morning and the other half will be fed this evening. She will have to be on split rations now as she is obviously too full of puppies to eat her one larger meal.


Am almost to the end of John's socks and have completed the back piece of my garter stitch wool sweater using the Brother Garter Carriage.


I had a painful night last night so didn't sleep that well. Recently I have taken pain killers before retiring which obviously was working. I didn' t take any last night because I wasn't hurting and I find it very hard to take pain killers prophylacticly so I didn't. Now I think it is good idea that I do. I am just scared of becoming hooked.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better. How I wish I could see one of your demonstrations. The History Channel had a show that I happened to see about human "senses." They'd done tests on a number of mediums. Some of them turned out to be total hoaxes, but there were several that showed demonstrable abilities. They also showed on brain scans that they had different brain activity when working. John Anderson is one they tested. He's very often disclaimed, but he did tests, similar to yours and was 85-90% accurate in blind tests and, even in the 10-15% with which he "failed," many of them found out he was correct. They'd either talk to other family members and find out what he'd said was true, or they'd remember themselves. The conclusion, generally, was that there IS, truly, another sense and that some rare people are able to use it. One question they wish to raise is whether or not it's a sense that is vestigial or developing in humans.

Bo... said...

Would love to see pics of the garter stitch sweater. I used to use an Incredible Sweater Machine to make blankets and always wanted a "real" knitting machine. (But it isn't in the budget, alas...)

Yarnhog said...

I'd love to see a demonstration as well. I've never doubted that we go on after life, nor that we can still communicate with those left behind. I've just never had the opportunity to experience it myself.

Anonymous said...

You probably won't get hooked on painkillers if you need them. Even if you do, barring a miracle, you will continue to need them, right? So getting hooked is really a non issue.

I find mediumship frightening. How do you know the spirits you are contacting are telling you the truth? There are malevolent spirits out there too, who could do you harm.