Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leaving Well Enough Alone

It astounds me how many people speak about spirits and mediums when they clearly have not the first idea what it is about. Mediums do not call up the dead, wake, conjure up spirits or eat babies or any number of nonsensical things that we get accused of.

The word medium merely means channel, conduit. Like a radio set if you like. Spirit contacts us, not the other away around. Not just mediums either though most choose to ignore it.

Incidently, the Bible is full of stories about mediums and about mediumship. Only it just isn't called that. They are called prophets, or holy, or Jesus even. If he existed, then what this book says about him makes it clear he was an excellent medium.

Thats the trouble when one blindly follows a belief system. One condemns another view without understanding anything about it.

Oh and I don't fall the old hoary story of 'personal experience of evil spirits'. That is a tried and oft used tale used when there is no logical leg to stand on. That is not to say that people cannot get into trouble for messing with what they do not understand, but this particular claim is always made tho the anti brigade who are also Xtian. The worst of it is that there is much evidence out there showing not only that mediumship exists and is real but also for the good, yet such people have already pre judged it so don't investigate for themselves. After nigh on 30 years doing so, investigating, both John and I know its for real and based in truly unconditional love.

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Anonymous said...

I was hurt by my involvement with spirits. I believe you when you said you were hurt by Christians. Why don't you believe me?