Monday, December 22, 2008

I Could Have Cried!

I very nearly did, but instead I just ran around the kitchen swearing till the pain eased off in my hand whilst my hips and legs screamed abuse at me.


I slammed the patio doors onto my left hand! Now I have two swollen and black fingers which if you squeeze them spurt blood which is quite fun now that the Tramadol have kicked in.

I was more concerned that I be able to knit. I can. I just wrapped the fingers so that they wouldn't bleed onto the yarn or fabric and I can knit. Not that I have. I went back to bed and slept for about 3 hours. For some reason I just felt unwell and knackered.

Today is the last day of the anti inflammatories. Just as well as I just found out that water retention is a side affect. I wondered why I felt so yuk and wasn't peeing anywhere near as much and why I have put on 7lbs without eating more.

We watched the Blu Ray dvd of The X Files - I Want To Believe last night. It was a real sod to get the bloody thing open in order to get the dvd out. Today I realised that the security thingy was still on it. I bought this on my own and I had gone thru the automatic checkout. No one there to take the security thingy off nor was there a warning I needed to. It wasn't an obvious tag. I do know now why when I left the store an alarm went off but I ignored it and so did the staff. The film was good. I enjoy the X-File sand have the whole lot on DVD. Gillian Anderson has grown into a beautiful woman. You should here her on TV here-she speaks posh English as she grew up here and her accent comes back. She was excellent in Bleak House.

I am more than half way thru the 3rd series of Grey's Academy. It took a while for this to grow on me but it did. It's rather funny and moving. We are also almost done with series 4 of Boston Legal which is just EXCELLENT. Very odd. well acted, good stories and funny and moving and surreal. When these are done, it'll be the 2nd series of Ugly Betty.
I watch all these whilst knitting.


Bo... said...

Sorry about your fingers--ouch! Happy birthday, too! (We just watched that X-Files DVD too and enjoyed it.)

FuguesStateKnits said...

oooh - wait until you see the last Boston Legal episode - it was AMAZING:)!!!

So sorry about your fingers - Geez Louise, I felt nauseous reading about it! Cannot imagine how you feel! Yikes!

joannamauselina said...

Ouch!! Little is worse than squashed fingers. Glad you can still knit. I recently closed a bathroom door on a finger at work and nearly fainted from the pain. I had to slither into a utility room until it subsided. One wonders how such a thing could possibly happen, but it does in the blink of an eye.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you hurt your hand. As for feeling nackered - it's shock, my love.

I, too, love X-Files, although I liked it best before Fox Mulder went away.

LizzieK8 said... hurts just reading about it.

Glad you like Boston Legal! It's one of my favorite shows and I cried at the last episode just cuz I'm going to miss them all!

Grey's does kinda grow on you, doesn't it.

Will have to get the X Files movie on my Netflix. I loved that show, too.

TracyKM said...

Ouch. I am prone to those sorts of accidents.
I'll have to look at my medicine and see if either might be the cause of my recent weight increase. Mmmm...
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my cover up! I feel like I got a visit from a celebrity!!

Anonymous said...

hey colin,

mc from the usa here. try the tv series 'house'. uk born actor hugh laurie playing interesting american doctor. very good.

bye for now.