Sunday, December 07, 2008

What A Layabout!

I did not wake up until 9.30am today! I was home from the show yesterday at 9pm and dropped into bed at 10.45pm The show, despite being indoors, was freezing. I had only worn my light silk longjohns although I had thought to wear the thermals on top but decided against as we were indoors. I wish I had. As the day progressed I got more and more pain and my feet 'crunched' when I walked. Ick.

It was a very good day showing wise. It was Whitney's first outing as a Junior (12-18mths) and she is just 12.5 mths old. There were 17 entered in her class and 15 present. Whitney won. I was very pleased and so was she. Whitney, as with the other dogs I have shown, knows that show ring is for her to show off, and she does just that. She loves it. (You may recall Lui hated it so is not shown.)

I finished John's socks and will blog them later today. I have another demonstration to do this afternoon. I doubt I shall do much else today. I am still rather sore. It is -2c outside, everything is white from frost, not snow.

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Iris said...

Way to go Whitney! Little hotshot!

It's -5c here. So, we're about the same and that's cold as a witch's tit! Excuse the vulgarity, please.