Friday, December 19, 2008

I Must Be A Genius

I think I may have mentioned here before how I have a rather high IQ. However, did I tell you that in fact I am a genius? You will soon see why this is so.

As you know I have a 24/7 pain problem and I don't sleep well cos of pain. This has been for years now. I have been taking drugs for it and other problems for years now.

Well, and this is where my genius status comes in, I recently started to take my pain meds just before I go to bed. The result is I sleep much better. In fact I sleep about 4-5 hours without waking and then only to go for a pee and I go back to sleep again. About 6 is the limit before pain wakes me again.

Now only a genius would have figured out all on his own that taking pain meds just before sleep would give a better sleep.

Oh, and I am taking anti inflammatories right now. Doing a grand job they are too. I am not taking the Tramadol as a result. I am sure you will be thrilled to know that my bowel has resumed normal service. Well, I didn't know that Tramadol bunged one up just like codeine does. Unfortunately, modern research has shown that the anti inflammatories are not good for hart or kidneys so as I have CHD too, I can only have a week to 2 week course every few months. Bugger.Sorry, I mean bother.

Writing of sleep, I am having some very strange dreams. One involved male Country and Western singers and sheep. I am so glad Freud is dead and I don't rate him anyway. Last night, I was trying to convince some woman that I was not this list of men she thought I used to be. She was saying I had lived under all these aliases. I was trying to tell her otherwise when I awoke. Oh and I also was having a rather disturbing confrontation concerning my real past with a sister I never had. I tell you, I do have some very odd dreams and i remember dreams so well I have to remind myself that they were dreams and the places don't exist. Maybe they do somewhere. It is one reason I do not find the idea that we can survive physical death and still have a consciousness difficult to understand or believe. I go to all sorts of places in my dreams and feel all sorts of things and yet my body does not leave my bed.

I have been swimming this week and I may go later today. I have not been going as early as usual and I will be glad when my usual pool is open again after the refurbishment on the 2nd Jan. I am not certain if I shall go today or not. Last evening I was convinced I had a cold. I am not so sure now. I don't feel right and although I am not running at the nose like last evening, I feel bunged up now.

Did I mention that Luque follows me everywhere? He is at my feet whilst I write this. Trouble is he also howls when I leave the house. He doesn't keep it up as I am sure my neighbours would have said so by now. Quite why he is so attached to me I don't know.

His daughter Whitney is doing very well. She went to an all breed match the other night and was Best In Match.

Shameless is huge. Her puppies are due the Tuesday after Xmas but I would not be surprised to see them earlier than that.

Tomorrow, I plan to be up and out by 8am to go to Peterborough shopping. John is not home Mon to Wednesday and we can't go then. The Saturday after Xmas we will have to stay close to home because of Shameless so this Saturday is the only day. I wan tot go that early to make sure I get a parking space in the multi storey car park.

Writing of parking, it is grossly unfair that disabled badge holders should have to pay parking fees. We don't on mainland Europe. At least not in France, Germany, Belgium and other places we have been to. The only place I know of here that doesn't charge is the NEC. We don't have a choice about using or not using a car. To go anywhere, we have to use the car.

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knitwych said...

Colin, I had to laugh at your genius. My own genius kicked in six days after I had a bad molar pulled, and it dawned on me that YES, I could take nighttime doses of pain meds and actually sleep through the night. The six days prior to that - definitely not genius. I'm glad you're sleeping better. :-)