Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh B*llocks Two

I am having fun. Not only am I very stiff again but now I also have conjunctivitis in my left eye which is half shut and looks like a devil eye! I can't go swimming.

I went to the new pool on Monday and Tuesday and it went well, though I do dislike the hoist I have to use to get out of the pool. The guards lower a chair on a hoist into the pool which I then sit on and they winch me out. It is not pleasant a sit feels unsteady and is also very visible. The stairs at this pool are vertical and set into the walls and there is no way i can use them to get out.

Still, I swam 32 laps on Monday and though it hurt, I was much less stiff in my upper body when I got out. Mind you Monday I was unable to knit so I watched dvd's instead. I was so much better Tuesday and I swam 80 laps. Then I got this eye thing and so no swimming. I will got Friday morning though as I have a dog show Saturday and I need to be less stiff for that plus I need to be tired in order to be asleep by 8pm.

I am almost done with John's cable socks and half way thru my Kaffe Fasset socks. I am also knitting myself a garter stitch design sweater on my Brother 940. I am using a pattern that is already in the machine. I have chosen set in sleeves. It is pure wool ( 2/ 8's , 400m to 100gm) in orange.

Shameless is beginning to show now and she is back to eating well. She is due to whelp a few days after Xmas.

It is cold here, only 2c and dropping to -3 once the sun has gone. Everywhere is still iced up and the pavements (sidewalks) are slippery with ice.

I am due to give a talk and demonstration in St Neots tonight. However, thick fog is forecast and if that is the case, I shan't be going. Driving in fog is not pleasant nor is it safe. Especially so because there are too many w*nkers who do not slow down. I am astonished at the speed they drive when visibility is almost nil.

As today has developed I am feeling better. I was feeling somewhat sorry for myself last night and not too clever this morning. After doing my online wanking and emails , I sat to do my TM(transcendental meditation) and feel more alive and happier now. As I have said before, I can cope well with the joint and muscle pain I have 24/7 but give me a mouth ulcer or a sore eye, and I feel really miserable!

EDIT: Of course I meant 'online BANKING'.


Anonymous said...

Hope your eye gets better soon, the cold air will not help I'm sure, Good luck for saturday.... Joan

knitwych said...

Sorry about your eye. Hope you feel better soon.

Lia Nord said...

You have gotten an amazing amount of stuff done, even though you didn't knit on Monday and have not been feeling well! I wish I lived close to you and we could watch DVDs together! (Lui just doesn't get "into" much on TV and wanders in and out of the room making sarcastic comments. Before we got married, he warned me he had a "dark side"--I just didn't know how it would manifest itself! (At least he can cook....) I hope you start feeling a lot better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ick! Conjunctivitis is not fun, especially when you're already feeling sick. I hope it gets better for you very soon.