Thursday, June 14, 2007

Aran Work

The yarn is Jaeger Shetland, 80% wool 20% Alpaca. My own design on 4.5mm needles. I have frogged this so many times now, but am happy with this final simple, design.
This is part of a sock I have designed. It might well be frogged and re - knit with a 2.5mm instead of the present 2.25mm. The yarn is an 80% wool 20% nylon. Beige colour.


GJR said...

The aran design is very nice - fits the colorway quite well. I like the sock as well.
Keep up the good work on the swimming. I looked at the pool where I am staying today and it would take maybe two strokes to cross it - in either direction.
You are doing well with the no-smoking too. 15 years for me - so I can appreciate the work needed!


CatKnit said...

The sweater is gorgeous, I love that yarn. I couldn't bear to frog something I haven't made errors in. I loose heart in the project if I have to go backwards.

T said...

Love the fact you've slanted the cables in different directions on the 2 sides - so many patterns just have them all going left, or all going right.

BB said...

Hi Colin, love the aran work and the sock. I know what you mean about knitting it up bigger though. I've got a bavarian sock in the frog pond for the same reason. Will be knitting it up on 2.5mm next time around. Lovely work though and a shame to frog it.