Saturday, June 23, 2007

Knitivity Sock

There is a man in Texas named Ray who dyes his own yarn. You can see his stuff here.

This is my first Toe Up sock.

I split the 100gm hank (which was actually 105 gms) into two balls. I knit until I got fed up basically! Seriously, I did 160 rows for the cuff. I normally only do 70 when knitting top down and when knitting top down I get loads left over. This sock weighs in at 50 gms, the heaviest I have knit so far. It fits beautifully.

I did the foot on 2.25mm needles and the garter ribbing on 2mm.

Now, the yarn is soft. Out of all the sock yarns I have used, this is the softest by far.

Ray is very reliable and pleasant to deal with. There was a hiccup with the first order, which was not his fault at all. The post for some reason took a month to get to me. In the meantime he had sent a second hank. Now he doesn't know me from Adam yet he trusted me when i said the yarn had not arrived. Of course I ended up with two hanks, which is fine by me.

The yarn that chose is called Doberman.

Thank you to Lisa who was the first to tell me about the Elizabeth Zimmerman sewn cast off.

And here is my trusted adapted Sherman heel.
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