Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pig's Bum

Pig's bum! * It's been that sort of day. Which started yesterday......

First off, our fridge freezer broke down. Okay, so I call the service centre. The computerised voice thinks I have a cooker. It keeps me hanging on for 20 minutes and then hangs up. I call back. Another computerised voice tells the centre is now closed. ARRGGHHH!!!!

Now I have show tomorrow 220 miles away in Blackpool. I am thinking I won't be able to go. One because someone needs to be here from early morning Friday to let the service man. Yes, John will be here to dog sit but he will not get here till 9.30am as he has to come from London, where he works Mon-Fri. Anyhow, got that sorted.

Then I wondered how I was going to take my food. Not being able to eat certain foods-mainly wheat- can be a real bind at times. The food I do eat, salads and meats when I go away, needs to be kept cold.

During all this quandary, sometime during the late evening, the fridge comes to life again. So no problem now as regards taking good food.

I opened my passes for the show and it says, amongst other things, Disabled Passes Nil. What???

So I go and look at the schedule. Under Car Parking it says FREE. Nothing at all about disabled drivers nor about special passes. Until you get to page five that is. Then it tells you. Now why is the information for disabled drivers not in the same paragraph, or at least on the same F****** page! ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

Yes, and before you ask, I am sore today, hardly slept because of my hips and I have got the hump big time. Hence the bitching.

And it you don't like that, f*** off and read someone else's blog who is all sweetness and light with no sense of humour.

* PIG'S BUM - Oz expression.
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