Saturday, June 09, 2007

The X - Files

Okay I am well aware that I am way behind, so no need to tell me so.

I watched the final episode last night. I am sad about it. Pity there is no more.

I never got into it when it was on the TV but did see a dvd that belonged to someone else and I decided I liked it. Of course by that time it had already finished as a series.

Amazon were selling the whole 9 series at a very good price so I bought it a few months ago. Now I have seen the whole 9 years worth.

I think the whole thing was very clever. Very well made. Very well acted. And I think the reason it worked so well was because it was taken so seriously by all involved. No matter how out there the episode subject was, it was acted as if this was real and not out there. Which made it excellent.

The writer / creator was very clever. How he did this I'll never know. The last double episode wrapped it all up and explained it all. Thank fully! I was beginning to think it may end without explaining!

Because I watched 9 years of it in a few months, the change in the appearance of the actors was marked. Gillian Anderson developed into a beautiful woman. I love her giggle. David Duchovny - yes he is good looking and improved with age though not my cup of tea. I am sure he will be disappointed to know that...

There was great humour in these programs. There was also great drama. Some of them moved me to tears, others to laughter. Often in the same episode.

Surprisingly for me, the one thing I have never liked is movies or programs where much of the drama takes place in the near dark. It really didn't bother me which is just as well as most of the 9 series did take place in near darkness.

I shall miss The X-Files. I shall miss Mulder and Scully.

Strange that I would miss two non existent people but there we are. I have read books and later wondered to myself what the characters were up to now! Now either that says that the author was really good or I am prone to delusions.....

Oh and Ms Anderson lives and works in the UK and she naturally speaks with an English accent. I can't recall if this is because she is originally English or if it was because she was brought up here. (Okay, I just went and looked it up-she was born in Chicago and raised in Peurto Rico and England, and then settle din Grand Rapids, Michigan.)
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