Friday, June 15, 2007

Spoke Too Soon

I really ought to know better. Having boasted about not having had an acid attack for 10 weeks, I had a bad one this morning. Frightened me as it was so sudden and painful.

Oh, and I can't believe I need to say so, but the 'The Facts About Dripping' post was very much tongue in cheek.(ie not serious, humourous, a joke, not to be read as gospel, not be taken so seriously. Hope that clears it up!)


aj, aka banphriosa said...

Gee, I enjoyed the post. Of course, if you lived in our household, you too would leave the lid down. There are four cats, three of whom have managed to fall into a toilet at least once (when guests left up one or more lids). There is a dog who enjoys water sports - enough said there. And there is me, who managed to also fall in when my husband left both lids up one night - don't ask there either.

Anyway, write on, Colin - it's your blog and we are your guests. aj

BB said...

Yo Colin, Sorry to hear about the acid attack. Hope it gets better soon and hope that you don't ever get another one. Near pee'd myself laughing at the dripping post. Actually we do shake our fannies but only if there is no toilet paper and we have to drip dry. Well its either that or hang our bum's out the window and be thankful that we didn't have a bath.

mad angel said...

God, Colin. just when I think I'm safe from spraying coffee all over my keyboard...

Dripping post was hilarious. You crack me up.

Hope the acid problems clear up and stay gone!