Monday, June 25, 2007

Sherman Heel Adaptation

Since I have been asked several times, here it is:

When you get to where you want heel: (my example is over 30 sts)

knit 29 turn

sl1, purl 27 turn

carry on this fashion till you have 10 sts in the middle unworked.

Then go backwards, doing the 'encroachments'.

You will have finished on a knit row bar the last and will now knit the instep row . Before you do, pick up the bar between the first two stitches on the instep needles and knit that together with the last stitch on the heel needle, then proceed. When you get around to the heel sts again, before you knit the last instep stitch, pick up the bar between the first two sts on heel needle and knit with the last instep stitch. Continue to knit as normal now.

Sherman Heel Instructions

Please note: i slip the first stitch on the way back as well.
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