Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blackpool Show

It was a beautiful warm day. Clear skies. All hell broke loose on the way home though. This is my friend Linda, the woman I sleep with when I go to Scottish shows. Linda works with the disadvantaged. She is what I call good people. I admire her greatly. She has suffered the worst grief possible yet she hasn't stopped giving.
Minor Puppy Dog class(the boys).
Now if my blog was not public(what would be the point?) and if people here didn't know who I was, I would say a lot more about this show. I choose not to! ;-)

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plumbum said...

I had to laugh out loud at this post. I don't show dogs myself but I think that I do gain some insight by reading I Should Know Better, Elizabeth always has much to say regarding the shows that she attends with her Papillons and chin.

If you don't already read her,may I recommend the blog? It's very funny, low traffic, and well worth the effort.

I love the latest socks - very smart indeed. I've just completed my first sock ever and am already unhappy with the shaping. I shall be asking around for a new and improved sock recipe. I look forward to the day when I might produce socks as smart as yours.

Beth-in-Orkney (who has a friend here who has a friend in Brissle (I think) who is a friend of your friend Pat) - part of the Official Internet Small World