Friday, June 08, 2007

Bonnie Gave Me An idea

Bonnie's accusation of this blog being full of political diatribe has given me an idea-to fill my blog with diatribe!

Well 'fill' is a bit strong, as I need room for my dogs, my knitting and my other rants .

My target though will be religion, not politics. Religion is at the root of most of the suffering and evil in this world. It is hardly surprising when the 3 major religions all have the same root and all are filled with the most terrible role models and evil acts and a God so wicked only a human being could have made him up! It promotes racism, genocide, child abuse, woman abuse, murder, cultism, fear, and idiocy.

So when the mood takes me, I shall be giving examples of such evil str8 out of the Book.

Just remember, this blog is mine, I don't write it to please you. I don't write it to be liked. If someone pointing out the idiocy and evil inherent in your religion bothers you....well....good....maybe it will bother you so much that you will set your fear aside and really think....

Just a little morsel---ever wondered why there is so much animosity between the Xtian Fundamentalists(especially of the USA )and the Islamic Fundamentalists of the Middle East and the Fundamentalist Jews?

Because they are pretty much the same. Each of their 'books' teaches them to hate the other. Each are filled with stories of such immorality and evil it boggles the mind. And the followers of all all three perform intellectual somersaults to justify their incomprehensible beliefs which lead to such evil as we witness daily and is in very real danger of destroying us all.

Religion is clearly NOT our moral compass and human beings are clearly able to be good and moral despite the teachings of religion which tells us that without their evil doctrines human beings would be evil!!!!!


Suna said...

Well, this sounds like it will be fun. The kind of stuff I only go into periodically on my personal blog (and why I separated the knitting one and the personal one). I felt an urge to go into a diatribe on the US government yesterday (mistakenly read a chapter of Noam Chomsky's latest at lunch), but I checked myself.

I will email you my other blog address if you ever want to look at it, though lately it's just about life.

your pagan agnostic reader and fellow non-fan of patriarchal religions,


Kathe Lewis said...

Hi Colin,

Hear,hear, I completely agree with you! just go for it!
though, would it be an idea to have two blogs, and use one for knitting stuff? just a suggestion..
Best wishes,

Kathe in Denmark